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Initial Stem Cell Trial Looks Positive

Recent research, published last month, reveals that stem cell usage in the treatment of both male and female hair loss has great potential. The research, in an article by PR Newswire, reports on a single stem cell injection given to patients, that were then followed up over a six month period. The results are said to be “on a par or better than those of traditional medical approaches to hair loss”.


Turkey the latest location for tourists getting Hair Transplants

New statistics reveal that it is Turkey that many men are turning to when looking to find a cheaper place abroad to have their hair transplant. With Istanbul being the capital of the country and the central focus for Hair Transplantation Surgery in the country. Some 15000 people a year are entering the country for the sole purpose of having a transplant.

With internet and social media the norm it is now very easy for prospective patients to communicate with the clinics, often using WhatsApp to send text and images.

Most professionals would not recommend this type of tourist surgery as once the surgery is over you are going to be some distance from the surgeon and clinic. This could be a big issue in the event of needing further consultation. Most surgeons stress that the cost should not be the first priority when looking at this type of Surgery

Phil Tufnell

Hair transplants are becoming ever more popular with celebrities being happy to own up to having the procedure.

Among the list of well know people to have recently told us about their hair transplants is Phil Tufnell. The 47 year old has a very philosophical approach to the operation saying that it not such a big deal these days and is becoming quite common.


Calum Best 1,200 Grafts

Calum Best is one of the the latest celebrities who have confessed to having a hair transplant. Best had 1,200 grafts transplanted to the front of his scalp by Dr Asim Shahmala, the’ surgeon from Channel 4’s”Embarrassing Bodies”.

The hair transplant cost to Calum was a reported ‘8000 to get his hairline thickened after he had damaged his scalp from years of dying his hair.

Calum, the son of George Best, started losing his hair at the age of 23 and has had 1,200 grafts, which resulted 1,850 individual hairs, moved transplanted to the front of his scalp.

Bald men equals more dominant image?

A full head of hair has generally been associated with strength and virility. However a new study had suggested that bald men and men with shaved haircuts have a more masculine image.’ The study by the academic Albert Mannes, of the University of Pennsylvania’s prestigious Wharton business school suggests that many top executives will shave their heads rather than be seen as having thinning hair in a bid to look more powerful.

Cure for Baldness Within Two Years?

A recent study, from the University of Pennsylvania and published in Science Translational Medicine,’ informs us that scientists have discovered an abnormal quantity of a protein called Prostaglandin D2 present in large quantities in the scalp of bald men. They think that this may be responsible for their baldness.

It is hoped that their research should lead to the creation of new treatments for male pattern baldness within the next two years. Male pattern baldness is present, to one degree or another, in 8 of 10 men under 70 years old.

Cost of Wayne Rooney’s Hair Transplant

It appears, that with a price tag of around ‘30,000, many men are either put off having a hair transplant or believe that other clinics, offering the same procedure for a third of the price, are offering a different procedure. A cost of ‘30,000 is just too expensive for most people.

A number of clinics are reporting that if a prospective client is told that the cost for the same procedure as Wayne Rooney is around ‘9000 they simply do not believe them and hang up.

Having gone through the procedure myself I can assure any one reading that ‘30,000 is the celebrity price and not the common price. Yes, Wayne Rooney had FUE treatment which is normally more than twice the price of FUT treatment, but even so, ‘9,000 for FUE treatment is more realistic.