Wayne Rooney Hair Transplant

Wayne Rooney, the Manchester United star, was initially mocked when he first revealed he had had surgery for his receding hairline last June.

Now it appears, that as a direct result of a celebrity like Wayne Rooney having Hair Transplant Surgery, there has been a large increase in the number of men in the UK wanting a’ hair transplant.

The Vinci Hair Clinic in London has seen close to a 50 percent increase, in comparison with last year, in the number of men seeking the Surgery. Evidence suggests this is now the second most sought after cosmetic surgery procedure in the UK.

However, the costs of Wayne Rooney’s operation (rumored to be in the ‘30,000 range) has led to some confusion. With many assuming, that if they are offered a price of around ’10, 00 for the same treatment, it must be a different operation or procedure. As has been discussed on the costs page, prices can vary dramatically.